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Meeting rooms are an essential element of coworking spaces

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Meeting rooms in coworking spaces

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  • Lauren Flack
  • 22 Oct 2018
  • Posted 1 year(s) ago

Meeting rooms are great for workshops, events, brainstorm sessions, team-building days, conference calls and, yes, even meetings!

A meeting room that will inspire and empower a team includes the right technology and equipment.

Effective, efficient wi-fi is imperative.  Equipment can include projectors, whiteboards and conference call facilities.

Whiteboards can get old and tired – but the good news is that whiteboards have evolved!  The Gold Coast Business Hub offers traditional whiteboards as well as a fully interactive touch screen which is an electronic whiteboard, computer and is ideal for presentations via USB or HDMI connectivity.  The built in Wi-Fi enabled Android Operating System provides a simple, user friendly interface and immediate access to the built-in tools and applications.  The whiteboard function offers a selection of pen colours, styles and background settings.

Lighting is also important in any meeting room, as is appropriate furniture.  Our mediation / interview room is a comfortable environment for consultations, while our 2 meeting rooms and boardroom are ideal for formal meet ups.


We are confident that our meeting rooms will exceed your needs and expectations, so please feel to pop in and see for yourself.Gold Coast Business Hub – You’ll #loveworkinghere


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