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Benefits of Coworking - blog post image

Benefits of Coworking

On a chilly winters day you may be one of those people who would much prefer to work from the comfort of your home. However, there are many bene...

11 July
What does a Coworking Space do? - blog post image

What does a Coworking Space do?

If you were asked to imagine a Coworking Space what do you think of first?

No doubt ping pong tables and bean bags come to mi...

21 June
Expos - Make it Worthwhile! - blog post image

Expos - Make it Worthwhile!

It can be somewhat daunting attending your first business expo. But by simply following ...

29 May
Business Benefits of Giveaways - blog post image

Business Benefits of Giveaways

We all know Easter is a busy holiday period. It’s a time of family and friends coming together to enjoy a chocolate Eas...

18 April
How to Network Successfully - blog post image

How to Network Successfully

Networking can have positive impact on you and your business, but how can you get the most out of your local network?

From at...

19 March
Top tips: Hosting the perfect workshop - blog post image

Top tips: Hosting the perfect workshop

The #GCBizHub has been used for countless meetings, workshops, networking events and training days so we’ve seen some of the do’s and don’ts whe...

27 February

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